Fresh complaints filed by the father and brother of the teenage tennis player, who was molested and harassed by the former DGP of Haryana, S.P.S. Rathore, contain gruesome details of the mental and physical torture faced by the family.

In the complaints filed by the victim’s family lawyer Pankaj Bharadwaj on their behalf, the two demanded action against Mr. Rathore and other officials for registering false cases, illegally confining the brother and forging and fabricating inquest proceedings and post mortem report.


The brother, who was a teenager when the girl was molested, alleged in his complaint that he was subjected to third degree torture and humiliated by Rathore.

“I was told that if I cared for my life, I should tell my sister to withdraw the complaint… When I asked for water, the police officer in front of me urinated in a glass and asked me to drink that if I was thirsty.”

The complaint says that on a few occasions when he was taken to the Magistrate, he was told that his entire family would be done to death if he uttered a single word.

“I was handcuffed and paraded half naked in the lane I was living in.”

False cases

He was under such depression and mental trauma that he fell unconscious that day and regained consciousness only when they released him after the death of his sister. “I was later discharged in all the cases, which were falsely registered against me at the instance of S.P.S. Rathore.”

The father, in his complaint, claims that due to the illegal custody of his son, Mr. Rathore was able to put extreme mental pressure on him and the complaints lodged by his daughter were withdrawn.

He says Mr. Rathore deployed policemen in plainclothes outside his house. They informed Mr. Rathore of his daughter’s suicide and the latter forced him to take her to the PGI in Chandigarh instead of the nearest hospital.

The complaint also details the harassment he faced while claiming his daughter’s body. The Sub-Inspector of Sector 6 Police Station told him that nothing would be done without the direction coming from Mr. Rathore.

“I begged him to allow me to meet Rathore and said the body is lying unattended and it was extreme winter time… the entire night of 29.12.1993, I sat outside the mortuary where the body was kept.”

Forgery attempt

He alleges that Mr. Rathore called up a senior doctor to have the body released without the usual procedure. He says the police instructed him to cremate the body the same day. Only then would his son be released. They should both then leave the city.

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