M.F. Husain's muse, Madhuri Dixit, who fascinated him so much that he became a filmmaker and cast her alongside Shah Rukh Khan in his debut film, Gaja Gamini (2000), is very sad over the iconic painter's demise away from home.

“It's a very sad day for me today... His paintings not only came from his heart, but also from the knowledge about various topics,” she told a TV news channel.

Asked whether Indian artists should have rallied around him with more enthusiasm when he was targeted by right-wing groups, she said, “I think something should have been done in an organised way. Maybe something should have been done, something should have been said. But it didn't happen.”

On his stay abroad, she said: “I am sure that he did miss the country. He didn't say so openly to me, but I knew from the way he used to talk, remember India, talk about the different celebrations...He used to talk about all these things.

“I feel sad that he was born in India but couldn't breathe his last here.”

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