Maneka hits back saying country will decide who is on the wrong path

The Gandhi dynasty was locked in bitter exchanges on Sunday after Priyanka Gandhi said her cousin Varun Gandhi had gone “astray” and suggested that voters in Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, from where he is contesting, should not vote for him.

Varun’s mother and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi hit back at Priyanka, saying the country will decide who has gone on the wrong path. “If he has gone astray while serving the country, the country will decide,” she said.

“He [Varun Gandhi] is definitely from my family, he is my brother. But he has gone astray,” Priyanka said in what could probably be one of the first attacks by her on her estranged cousin Varun. “When a young one in the family chooses the wrong path, then the elders should show them the right path, the right way. I urge all of you to show my brother the right path.

“In order to move forward, he has to unite with people with a good heart. I have come to ask you to vote with your heart, to vote for the unity of the country, vote for Sultanpur. But also introspect on what kind of elections is being held this time. Do not just think about your region, but about the whole country this time. And this time, vote wisely to show the right path to a young member of the family.” The BJP came to Varun’s defence saying he is on the “right track.” “I believe that Varun Gandhi is on the right track, and if anyone has misled the country from the right path, it is the Congress,” BJP president Rajnath Singh said.

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