Left parties on Monday said the first year of UPA-II was the “worst failure and disappointment” as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has not been able to give any specific solution to problems faced by the common man.

The CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, Sitaram Yechury, said the Prime Minister’s press conference was “all declaration of intent” and there was nothing really very specific about issues agitating the people.

The CPI National Secretary, D Raja, said the first year of UPA-II was “worst failure and disappointment”. He said the neo-liberal policies followed by the government would not solve the problems faced by the country.

Mr. Raja said the Prime Minister was talking like an astrologer but depending on market forces to rein in the price rise.

“The government is also directionless in foreign policy matters,” he alleged citing India’s shift in stand on the Sri Lankan issue.

“Our first stand was to have a political solution. Then we shifted to reconciliation and rehabilitation. Again we shifted to political reconciliation,” he said.

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