Students and staff of Lancaster University on Saturday held a memorial service for Anuj Bidve, the Indian student shot dead by a white gunman in Salford, Manchester, in a suspected racist attack over Christmas.

Vice-chancellor Professor Bob McKinlay announced that he would visit Anuj's family in Pune next month to personally deliver the memorial book set up for him.

In a statement, the university said that it also raised money for a memorial fund and was discussing with Anuj's family “what sort of tribute would be a fitting way to celebrate his life.”

A message from Anuj's father, Subhash Bidve, said he was “a wonderful son to us.” “We are nothing without him. He was our life and it is taken away by God,” it said.

Shiv Pande, honorary secretary of Indo-British Association, presented a “plate of friendship” to the university on behalf of the Indians.