Lending credence to to Bollywood actress Preity Zinta's case, two witnesses have supported the actress' claim that she was allegedly intimidated and molested by her former boyfriend industrialist, Ness Wadia on May 30th at Mumbai's Wankhede stadium.

According to a senior police officer who spoke to The Hindu on the condition of anonymity, one witness — a businessman from South Mumbai — has told the police that Mr. Wadia abused and manhandled the actress. The witness was seated in the Garware pavillion and claims to have seen the actress allegedly being abused and manhandled by Mr. Wadia.

Another witness — an official from IPL — also told the police that actress had lodged a verbal complaint with him against Mr. Wadia.

So far the police have recorded the statements of three witnesses of which only two are applicable to the case.

“The third is the case of mistaken identity. In the footage obtained by us from BCCI, we mistook someone to be Mr. Wadia, but later the person came forward and identity himself as the person in the footage,” added the source.

Another senior police officer told The Hindu that the witness statements strengthen Ms. Zinta's case. “Of the three sections only one (IPC section 354- outraging women's modesty) is cognisable in nature. If the actress also stands by her initial statement, we can proceed against the accused,” he said.