Trees and branches blown down during the storm on Friday were still lying on the roads of the capital Monday morning, leading to traffic snarls and accidents.

Despite the claim of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi control room that all roads had been cleared of fallen trees and branches, they were clearly blocking carriageways on busy roads.

There was more than one branch lying on south Delhi's Outer Ring Road in front of the Indian Institute of Technology campus, leading to accidents and traffic pile-ups.

A motorcylist who was seen squeezed between a fallen branch. An auto rickshaw driver, who ragged the branch off the road said: "I have been seeing fallen branches all the way from Janakpuri. Nobody has cleaned anything."

Megha Suri, a doctor who had stopped to see if the motorcyclist needed medical attention, wondered: "Why do we pay road tax if we have to run an obstacle course between fallen trees and potholes all the time?"

The combination of obstacles also narrowed the busy stretch from three lanes to one on the carriageway moving towards the airport, and the result was a traffic snarl that stretched for over 4 km in the morning rush hour.

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