Seeking to end a long-drawn legal case, N.D. Tiwari on Monday accepted Rohit Shekhar, who had dragged him to court in a paternity suit, as his biological son but the young man remained sceptical.

At a dramatic press conference in which his son Rohit Shekhar, who a DNA test had established long back was Mr. Tiwari’s son, wept and questioned his sincerity, Mr. Tiwari said “there should be no doubt now that Rohit is my son. I don’t think any controversy is left now.”

However, he parried a question whether Rohit will be his legal heir, saying he has nothing to bequeath to him. He initially referred to him as his “biological son”, prompting Rohit’s mother Ujjwala Sharma to ask Mr. Tiwari to declare him unequivocally as his son, which Mr. Tiwari did.

On being repeatedly asked, the 88-year-old politician, who quit as Andhra Pradesh Governor after a purported video of his sexual escapade was leaked, said he would admit to this in the High Court as well.

Asked if his son could stay with him with his mother, he said they are “welcome” but added that living together does not mean that they should be glued to him all the time.

Mr. Rohit said it was a very happy day in his life and all he wanted from Mr. Tiwari is to give respect to his mother who fought a long and tiring battle for his honour.

“I just want him to be truthful, sincere and give my mother the respect she deserves,” he said.

But he also appeared sceptical of Mr. Tiwari’s sincerity.

Asked if he was satisfied with the veteran leader’s statement, he shot back, “Are you? You aren’t. That is why you are quizzing him again and again... Some doubt is also in my mind“.

Mr. Sharma, however, said she was satisfied with Mr. Tiwari’s admission and their fight was never about property rights over his property but about proving that he was her son’s father.

“I know him (Tiwari) well. He has admitted in a press conference that Mr. Rohit is his son. That means everything,” she said.

Rohit Shekhar had approached the court against Mr. Tiwari in 2008, claiming he was born out of an affair between the Congress leader and his mother.

In 2012, Mr. Tiwari was forced to give samples of his DNA for a paternity test which established Tiwari as Shekhar’s biological father.

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