Efforts to tranquillise the tiger that strayed into the Central Institute of Sub Tropical Horticulture campus at Rehmankheda in the Awadh Forest Division of Lucknow proved futile, as it charged twice at the team tasked with sedating it.

Hyderabadi shooter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan, was on the cow elephant, Roopkali, when the tiger charged at it on Friday, forcing the pachyderm to turn away in panic. After some time, when the elephant pressed ahead again, the feline came “dangerously close.”

“Because of the high bushes, the view was not clear for using the tranquillising gun,” said Mr. Khan, who took charge of ‘Operation Rehmankheda Tiger.'

There are thorny and lantana bushes 10-12 feet high on the CISTH campus, giving the tiger a natural cover. What is more, a nala flows through it.

On Saturday, the elephant was not used, as the tiger moved 200-250 metres deeper into the bushes. A half-eaten buffalo calf was found. Officials waited through the day hoping the tiger would come out to gather the kill. “But it did not come near the machan or cages,” said Ashok Mishra, DFO, Awadh Forest Division.

Four teams with as many tranquillising guns were on the job. No order to shoot has been issued as the tiger has not harmed any human. “We are hopeful of capturing it,” Mr. Mishra said.

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