Novartis had sought to overturn a clause in Indian Patents Law that restricts patent protection for newer forms of existing molecules. The case started in 1997 when Novartis filed a plea for a patent for Glivec.

Following is the timeline of the patent case in India.

1997: Novartis files a patent application in India for its drug Gilvec

2005: India introduces the Indian Patent Act preventing frivolous patents.

Jan 2006: The Patent Controller in Chennai denies Novartis a patent

May 2006: Novartis challenges the Indian government and four other companies in the Madras High Court

Aug 2007: The Madras High Court rules against Novartis’ case

June 2009: The Intellectual Property Appellate Board rejects a fresh appeal

August 2009: Novartis approaches the Supreme Court of India

April 1, 2013: Supreme Court rejects Novartis’ plea for patent

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