The employees of The Hindu have welcomed the changes made in the editorial and business structure of the newspaper company on Monday.

In a statement here on Tuesday, E. Gopal, president of The Hindu Office & National Press Employees’ Union, said the decisions regarding the change had been made at the right time to safeguard the institution. The ‘corporate governance’ that the institution was subject to recently brought out differences at various levels among the employees, and over time, would have brought disunity and disharmony.

Members of the Union gathered at The Hindu’s main office, burst crackers and shouted slogans in support of the changes at the helm of the institution. They welcomed N. Ram and N. Murali, who took charge as Chairman and Co-Chairman of Kasturi and Sons Ltd., the Editor-in-Chief N. Ravi, Editor Malini Parthasarathy and Director Nirmala Lakshman.

The employees will get a goodwill incentive payment of Rs. 41,600 in addition to a bonus of 20 per cent of wages this year.

An agreement on bonus and goodwill incentive was also signed between Mr. Ram, Chairman, KSL, and Mr. Murali, Co-Chairman, representing the management and Mr. Gopal, president, and M. Kamalanathan, general secretary, representing the Union.

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