Jyoti Basu was the greatest socialist and most successful administrator in the socialist secular Bharat. In his death, India has lost a powerful Leftist thinker and administrator with a socialist perspective, according to the former Supreme Court judge V.R. Krishna Iyer.

He said:

“The development of Bengal, particularly its villages, owes its crimson march to the genius of Jyoti. Indeed, socialist Bengal was invulnerable as a Marxist State because of the vision and scrupulous integrity, simplicity and identity with the masses of Jyoti Basu.

“It is a pity that Kerala, apart from EMS, has never seen a socialist of his stature. While I pay my homage to this Leftist wonder, I feel that Leftists all over India must unite to passionately build a socialist Bharat in the villages of the country.

“Death has deprived him of his body, but Basu’s thoughts and actions will continue to inspire the common people to make India’s swaraj a crimson economy and spread social justice in planning its development and involving the villages a basic structure of impregnable socialism.”

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