The Twitter handle of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, was hacked on Wednesday and some wacky tweets were sent from it to a Pakistani journalist.

The tweets instantly created a buzz on social media websites. Sorry folks, my @Twitter account has been hacked & will be temporarily deactivated. Bear with me while we solve this,” he told his followers in his page.

Most of the tweets from his hacked account were addressed to Mehr Tarar, who was taken aback by the flurry of messages from the Minister’s handle.

“You unfollowed me. You don’t RT me and you don’t answer me on twitter. I can live with your favourites. I have your personal validation,” one of the hacked tweets read, which went on to add, “Have your personal validation of my words, I don’t need any public one. For that I will wait until we are together publically really mehr.”

As the tweets went viral on the social media, Tarar responded, “Okay. What’s going on? Who’s tweeting to me? I had an ‘affair’ with Shashi Tharoor and he’s tweeting to me??? How does that work?”

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