While parents of a nine-month-old who survived the building collapse in Mumbra are yet to be traced, people have started coming forward to adopt the baby girl.

After the disaster, which claimed 74 lives, the neighbourhood was witness to an incredible effort to rescue this toddler. But her parents or relatives are nowhere to be found. Currently, the staff of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Memorial Hospital is taking care of her.

Activists of the Jamiat–ul–Ulama have begun searching for the relatives of the girl. “When we found out about the girl, we clicked her photos and started distributing them in and around Shil Phata. There must be someone who will recognise her or at least tell us about her family,” said Munir Sheikh, general secretary of Thane city unit of Jamiat-ul-ulama.

Mr. Sheikh told The Hindu that ever since her story became public, a number of families have come forward to adopt her.

“We are overwhelmed by the reaction. A number of families have approached us, but we cannot go ahead with anything as yet. Right now, our primary responsibility is to identify her family. Everything else comes later,” he said.