A Bangalore-bound Malaysia Airlines flight that was scheduled to arrive in the city on Sunday night returned to Kuala Lumpur for technical reasons and landed safely at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

“Malaysia Airlines flight MH192 that made an air turn back towards KLIA has landed safely at 1:56 am,” the airlines posted on its official Twitter site. A media statement said the plane had to return as “the aircraft’s right-hand landing gear malfunctioned upon take-off.”

The flight, which had 159 passengers and seven crew on board, departed from Kuala Lumpur at 10.09 pm and was scheduled to arrive in Bangalore at 11:35 pm. Both Kempe Gowda International Airport authorities as well as Malaysia Airlines authorities said that the flight had returned to Kuala Lumpur for technical reasons.

The airline’s tweets evoked a flurry of reactions across social networks. Twitter users took to the #MH192 hashtag to express their shock and anxiety over the aircraft’s fate; the “more details to follow” at the end of the first tweet left a lot of people waiting desperately for more news.

The anxiety came to an end at 11.37 p.m. IST, when Malaysia Airlines confirmed that the plane had made a safe landing in Kuala Lumpur airport.

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