Likely to be completed in 2015; Health Minister Rajaiah to ink MoU with C-DAC today

Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) is set to take its first step towards introducing an information system that will cover every aspect of the hospital’s medical services. Deputy Chief Minister K. Rajaiah is slated to visit NIMS on Thursday to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with C-DAC to develop the system, which is expected to be operational in 10-18 months.

The information system envisages creating paperless medical records, linking all medical departments and importantly, storing patients’ records.

For instance, if a patient undergoes an X-ray, then the doctor in the out-patient department would be able to access the same on his computer, in a matter of a few minutes.

The system is likely to incur a cost of Rs.17-18 crore.

“At present, there is no link between any of the departments in NIMS. This makes coordination very difficult. Patients have to make multiple visits for simple medical services. Now, most importantly, we will be able to store patient records, which is vital for follow-ups,” NIMS Director L. Narendranath said.

Gas pipelines

The hospital is also set to commission high-capacity cylinders that store medical gases at the Trauma Centre.

It may be recalled that when the centre was constructed, it was not equipped with internal pipelines to supply gases like oxygen. The authorities pointed out that work related to laying the pipelines were completed at an expenditure of nearly Rs.9 crore.