Team Anna on Sunday questioned Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on his ‘dual stand' on the Lokpal. While favouring to give Constitutional status to Lokpal, Mr. Gandhi did not favour giving it any freedom or power, it said in a letter.

Apart from wanting to know if he was merely misleading the electorate on the issue, the letter asked Mr. Gandhi if the Congress would establish a Lokpal in Uttar Pradesh as the one set up in Uttarakhand.

Recalling the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's commitment to strengthen the gram sabhas, Team Anna said the government would amend the law if Mr. Rahul Gandhi put in a word.

While sparing the Prime Minister, Team Anna targeted Mr. Gandhi in asking him the prickly question of giving ticket to those mired in corruption and criminal cases.

The BSP's silence at the Parliamentary Standing Committee and walkout in the Lok Sabha were construed as supportive of the government. The letter to Ms. Mayawati wondered whether her party's changed stand in the Rajya Sabha was indicative of her opposition to the current Bill.

Team Anna was surprised by the SP's changed attitude. First opposing the Bill and then staging a walkout in the Lok Sabha benefiting the government. Why did you do so, asked the letter.

In the letter to Mr. Mulayam Singh, it asked him about his political options of going with the Congress and the BJP post-elections and whether that would be appropriate for a socialist to do so. And whether he expected the cases instituted by the CBI against him would be withdrawn in the event of joining hands with the Congress and sharing power at the Centre.

The poser to Mr. Gadkari was on the Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj's failure to move an amendment seeking autonomy for the CBI in consonance with her speech. It asked the BJP to clarify whether it would actually establish a Lokpal in Uttar Pradesh with the same powers as vested in Uttarakhand by its own party Chief Minister.

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