Work on the permanent dome on the upcoming Assembly complex is expected to begin by early May once authorities complete their study on wind force and corrosion.

A temporary dome, made out of plywood, is being put up at a cost of about Rs. 2 crore as part of the study. Being installed at a height of 100 feet, the temporary structure will be ready in a week. The dome will be as tall as the Assembly complex – 100 feet high. Its diameter will be 120 ft.

Senior Public Works Department officials say that a number of issues are involved in installing the dome. The dome will have eight arms, which will be made of steel with granite cladding. Each arm will weigh 100 tonnes.

Originally, it was proposed to have aluminium fins as gold-coloured anodised aluminium sheets. Between two arms, there will be 33 fins.

Anodised sheets

The problem with the anodised sheets is that colour application will not be uniform.

Alternatively, spraying of colour can be done, which will be uniform. But, in that case, it has to be carried out regularly – at least once a year. This will involve practical difficulties.

The third option is to have aluminium composite panels, which will address these issues.

Another issue is to have flexible fins or get them welded. Besides, the fins should withstand the force of wind and corrosion. The study will cover all these aspects.

The officials say that the budget session of the Assembly is expected to take place in April, after which the work on the permanent dome will be taken up.

They also say that the day after the inauguration of the Assembly, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi will host a feast for all 4,000 workers involved in the project implementation.

‘Bada Khana’

The feast will be styled like ‘Bada Khana,’ which is marked by ‘briyani’, the most important item of the menu.

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