The Madras High Court campus witnessed dramatic scenes on Friday when a group of women nurses climbed the sixty-feet tall Additional Law Chambers Building and threatened to commit suicide as they did not get any immediate relief from the court.

Nearly 100 nursing students comprising mostly women came to witness the proceedings in the High Court, which reserved orders on their petitions. Dejected over the proceedings in the High Court, around 30 students which includes pregnant women went to Additional Law Chambers Building and reached a structure on the top floor around 12.30 p.m.

On hearing screams from the onlookers, a section of advocates were shocked to see the women standing on top of the building. Lawyers, Police and Fire Service Personnel swung into action to rescue them. Some of the lawyers begged the protesting women to come down. As their effort did not yield any result, a few of the proactive women lawyers climbed the ladder which led to the place of where the agitating women were standing.

In order to avoid any injury to the agitating nurses, in case if they fall, the Fire Service personnel threw a tattered net on the ground.

The police and lawyers surrounded and overpowered the agitating nurses and brought them down one by one.

While bringing them down from the roof, some of the advocates tried to manhandle them.

The Esplanade Police arrested 27 nurses including a male nurse and registered a case for attempting to commit suicide.