Wet grinder manufacturers here have formed the COWMA Grinder Consortium to participate in the State government's free wet grinder distribution programme.

Convenor of the consortium C.P. Shanmuga Sundaram told The Hindu that there were 250 to 300 wet grinder manufacturers in the city, excluding those making accessories.

The Coimbatore Wet Grinder and Accessories Manufacturers' Association organised a meeting here recently and distributed enrolment forms to those interested in becoming a member of the consortium, which was likely to have 250 members.

The consortium urged the government to give priority to Coimbatore manufacturers for supplying the grinders for the scheme.

It also decided at the meeting that the consortium members would jointly bid for supply to the scheme and would not quote competitive rates individually.

In the case of the consortium getting the orders, it would seek a flexible delivery schedule.

Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram said the availability of stone and manpower were posing problems for those who wanted to expand capacities.

By forming the consortium, the manufacturers hoped to supply in large numbers jointly. The consortium would later become a public limited company.