“One shines for 59 persons with 59 billion assets, the other is one of malnutrition”

The 16th Lok Sabha is important as both the BJP and the Congress have to be stopped from coming to power, Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury said on Saturday.

Addressing an election meeting in support of the party’s candidate B. Vikraman here, he said there were two Indias today. One was the ‘shining India, where rich were shining. “Just 59 persons’ assets stood at 59 billion. This means, one-third of our resources are held by them.”

On the other hand, the Prime Minister himself had admitted that there was malnutrition. Nearly 50 per cent of pregnant mothers did not have sufficient iron in their blood. As a result, the newborn either died or remained weak, he said. To change this situation, the country had to be given a new identity.

Just a new or alternative leader alone would not be sufficient, but an alternative set of policies had to be introduced and implemented, Mr. Yechury said. For this to be achieved, the people should elect the Left and secular forces to Parliament.

Comparing corrupt politicians to guilty cricketers, he said that when sportspersons were punished or removed from playing for the country if they were found guilty, so should corrupt and communal-minded politicians be stopped from entering Parliament. “Only the people can do this through the ballot. This is the right time to teach a lesson.”


Mr. Yechury said that like the BJP and the Congress, the DMK and the AIADMK too had compromised on their stands in the past just to retain their positions at the Centre. By remaining in power, they had sacrificed the national interest. Hence, this was the right opportunity to show them the door in Tamil Nadu.

Describing the ‘Modi wave’ as nothing but “paid opinions” by the media, Mr. Yechury said there is only “people’s wave.” “If the BJP claims there is a Modi wave, why should he contest from two constituencies,” he asked.


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