Divya, whose inter-caste marriage created a storm, said on Wednesday that she had forgotten the past and wanted to start a new life.

“I want to pursue the nursing course that I had left in the middle. I have one more year to complete and have discussed with the college authorities about resuming my studies,” Ms Divya told The Hindu.

On her remarks to the media that she had no plan to rejoin her husband, she said: “There is no meeting of minds. We have become incompatible. The circumstances are not in our favour. I appeared before the court today to make it clear that I am not interested in living with my husband. My appearance was necessary as my submission before the court a few days ago was completely distorted, giving the impression that I will join my husband if my mother allows,” she said.

Her life, according to her, now revolves around her mother and younger brother. “I don’t want to remember anything and want to avoid any incident that may derail the smooth sailing of my present life,” Ms. Divya said. Asked whether she had plans to marry anyone in the future, she said she had no such thoughts.