Water was released from Papanasam dam, one of the three major reservoirs of the district, for ‘kar’ paddy cultivation on Thursday, following copious monsoon rains in the Western Ghats and consequent inflow of water into all eleven dams in the district. Chairman of Tamil Nadu Housing Board R.Murugaiah Pandian opened the shutters of Papanasam dam in the presence of MP S.S.Ramasubbu and MLA Esakki Subbiah even as water level in the dam stood at 90.20 feet against the maximum level of 143 feet.

The release of 1,000 cusecs of water into North and South Kodaimelazhagiyan Channels, Nadhiyunni, Kodagan, Kannadiyan, Nellai and Palayam Channels will be maintained for 110 days for farming operations in over 40,000 acres. The ‘kar’ paddy cultivation is taken up between June and September every year.

Water was also released from Petchipaarai dam in Kanyakumari district on Thursday, by Collector S.Nagarajan for ‘kanni poo’ paddy season. Though 200 cusecs of water was released from the dam by the Collector, this quantity will be changed based on the rainfall in various parts of the district where paddy cultivation has been taken up.