The Tamil Nadu Wakf Board has decided to start a medical college at Needur near Mayiladuthurai and the first academic year is likely to commence in 2012.

“It is a joint-venture. The Wakf Board had joined hands with Jamia Misbahul Huda Madarasa, which has come forward to donate 23 acres initially and promised to give 30 acres more,” says Wakf Board chairman S. Abdul Rahman. A trust will be set up for running the college. It has been decided to mobilise Rs.60 crore to meet the expenses for the next two years.

300-bed hospital

“We need to establish a 300-bed hospital before starting the college. Then we have to wait for three years to start the college. But we will seek concession from the government as our intention is not to make profit, but to serve society. We hope that we will be in a position to launch the college in 2012,” he says.

The Wakf Board has organised a couple of meetings and is likely to hold a few more to explain its objective and enrol more people as members of the trust. At the first meeting at Needur, 170 persons agreed to become members of the trust.

“A person can be a member of the trust by contributing Rs.10 lakh,” says Mr. Rahman. The trust will have governing body of experts to run the institution.

Asked if the members will be given seats in the medical college, Mr. Rahman says blood relatives of the members are eligible for a seat. “But one seat for a person in his lifetime. The members will get free treatment at the hospital attached to the medical college.”

No capitation fee

Mr. Rahman says no capitation fee will be collected. The college will collect fees fixed by the State government. The Wakf Board also plans to start schools and colleges in various parts of the State. One proposal is to start a law college at Arcot.