Those who do not know Braille can take an assistant along with them

Electronic Voting Machines were demonstrated to blind persons at the Government School for the Blind near the bridge here on Friday.

Blind persons in large numbers came and took part in the demonstration and learnt how to vote.

Explaining the process N. Subbaiyan, Collector and Returning Officer for Thanjavur Lok Sabha constituency, said Braille sticker would be there on the right side of the EVMs. Blind persons could get the Braille candidates list from polling officers and know for themselves which number represented which candidate.

After pressing the Braille sticker, they could vote the number they wanted. Blind persons who did not know the Braille method could take an assistant along with him to vote.

The Collector said that 3,120 EVMs would be used in the six Assembly segments in Thanjavur Lok Sabha constituency.