The convict in the acid attack case has been directed to read collected works of Mahatma Gandhi and Vallalar and practise yoga and meditation.

Sessions Judge N. Vaithiyanathan in his 23-page judgment also directed only “Sattviga food” for the accused during his sentence. The verdict stated that the “imbalanced secretion of hormones…and less production of neuropeptide, a chemical substance in the brain, and stress caused by the energy blockages in the frontal lobe of the brain, are the main physiological causes for his misbehaviour.”

According to the judgment, “the accused and the motive are like a boil on the palm, without requiring any assistance or aid of a mirror.” “…an opportunity must be given to the accused to cool his legs in prison for the longest term possible, so that the departed soul, crying for justice, will rest in peace.”

Stating that the modus operandi of the crime “sends chill waves down the spine,” the verdict said the way the acid was hurled on her vital parts was to prevent her from entering into a wedlock even if she had survived the crime.

Lauding the prosecution for ‘leaving no stone unturned’ and speedy disposal of the case, and the police department for gathering evidence with ‘least practicable delay’ Judge Vaithiyanathan dismissed the defence argument as ‘full chaff and not a single grain.’

“I shed tears of blood to see such heinous crimes inflicted on women – extolled as Parasakthi and as form of love by Bharathiyar - and in a land that Karaikal Ammayar was born,” the Judge concluded.

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