“Stumbling blocks are created by a section to prevent his entry”

While not ruling out the entry of actor Vijay into politics at some point in the future, his director-father S.A. Chandrasekar said stumbling blocks were being created in the actor's career by a section that is opposed to film stars entering politics.

“It is not just Vijay. The section does not want anyone from the film world emerge as a powerful hero and take a plunge into politics. They fear that such a move will upset their future in politics. People know who they are,” Mr. Chandrasekar told The Hindu on Friday.

“I could understand if they target a story with a political theme. Why ‘Kavalan,' a love story? There are no punch dialogues packed with political messages. This clearly shows that they want to ensure he does not have a successful film career,” he said, explaining that even after the release of the film, fans were not allowed to erect cut-outs and posters.

“A channel went one step further and runs a scroll saying that the film was not released. I could understand fears about the growth of MGR. Why Vijay? He is no match for MGR. But are you taking Vijay to the heights MGR?” he asked.

Mr. Chandrasekar, who had made films with strong political messages such as ‘Paalaivana Cholai,' ‘Sattam Oru Iruttarai' and ‘Naan Sikappu Manithan,' said though Mr. Vijay did not have immediate plans about entering politics, he would certainly take a plunge when he reached forty.

“There is no wavering on our political plans. He is very eager to serve society that stands by him. He can fulfil his aspirations not by remaining just a film personality. A political career is a must,” he said.

Mr. Chandrasekar said though he and Mr. Vijay were resisting the pressure from fans to launch a political party and were advising them to concentrate on building a dynamic organisation in the next four years, they were being pushed into the fray.

“Vijay remains an onlooker. But I fear that they are pushing him into the ring,” he added. Denying reports that he met AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa to seek her support for the release of ‘Kaavalan,' Mr. Chandrasekar said it was his concern for society rampant with poverty and violence that led to his meeting with the AIADMK leader.

“I fear that a situation will come that you will be targeted if you have Rs. 1000 in your pocket. The newspapers are full of news about violent incidents and murders. We must put an end to this,” he said.

He also said that he would campaign in the election along with the Ilaya Thalapathi Makkal Iyakkam, a movement launched as a spring board for the actor's political career. Asked whether his next film ‘Sattapadi Kuttram' would have a message about the actor's political plunge, he said, “I am only trying to reach out to the people.”

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