Prices of vegetables soared in Karur market as rain impeded free arrival of fresh stocks from various places. Continuous rain over the past week here as well as in their places of origin elsewhere in the state had a telling effect on the prices, traders said. In fact the prices have shot up in particular in the past week due to the slump in arrivals.

While brinjal and onion are being sold for Rs.40 per kg apiece, chillies go for Rs.30 a kg. Carrot too is being sold at Rs.40 for an equal quantity while beans is a bit dearer at Rs.45 a kg.

The same quantity of potato is being sold for Rs.30 and all vegetables are being sold at prices that are 15 to 20 per cent higher than what they were last week.

Even tomato costs Rs.20 a kg while ladies finger costs Rs.22 and radish is being sold at Rs.20 a kg.

The traders fear that if the planned transport strike next week really takes off then the prices might rise again or stabilise there itself without coming down adding to the pressure and burden of the common man. While the series of auspicious dates pushed up prices at the beginning of last month, the torrent allowed the prices to linger there. Now the threat of lorry completes the chaotic scene at the vegetable market.