V. Vaithilingam, Opposition Leader, said that N. Rangasamy government should hold responsibility for failing to run the AFT Mill.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, he said though the government had claimed that it had reopened the historic AFT Mill, it couldn’t run it continuously.

It was closed within a few days of reopening. It had been extending the holiday declared to the mill for the last one month. The attitude of the government had cheated the mill workers, who were totally depending upon the mill for their livelihood.

A large number of workers were yet to be given salary for the last several months.

Mr. Vaithilingam said it showed that the government had neither bothered about the reopening of the mill nor the welfare of the workers. The government was duty bound to solve the issue. There were many options to rehabilitate the mill. However, it was yet to explore them, he said.

The Congress would wholeheartedly support the agitation if the Communist parties initiate one against the failure of N. Rangasamy Government to reopen the mill.