Thousands of devotees offered their worship to Sri Sathyaperumal and Sri Meyyanathar at the historical rock-cut temple at Tirumayam on the occasion of ’Vaikunta Ekadasi’ festival on Monday.

Exactly at 5-00 a.m., the processinonal deity of Sri Sathyaperumal was taken out from the sanctum sanctorum in the standing posture. Since the presiding deity of this temple is in the ‘sayanam’ posture, a special religious ritual and ‘alankaram’ were performed being taken through the temple ‘raharams’ to the ‘Swargavasal’.

Later, the idol was brought to the "Ekadasi Kottagai" in the standing posture where it was kept for worship by devotees.

Excellent arrangements were made by the police for regulating the queue. Devotees from different parts of the state thronged the temple, and the crowd was swelling even in the late evening.

It was a hassle-free darshan of the 100-feet long presiding deity, Sri Meyyanathar. Courtesy the architectural design at this rock-cut sanctum sanctorum. Stone steps are available to the entire length of the presiding deity and the devotees were permitted to reach up to the steps where a perfect queue was seen, offering worship to the presiding deity in three components --- His head, the Holy Brahmma in the middle and Lord’s Feet.

This is a special feature of this temple, where the queue is formed inside the sanctum sanctorum, facilitating a convenient darshan for the devotees.