The fifth unit will resume operations after overhauling for renewal of boiler licence

Power generation in one of the five units of Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TTPS) has been suspended for overhauling the system.

Production in the fifth unit came to a halt since Sunday night to undertake the annual overhauling for renewal of boiler licence, according to S. Valliappan, Chief Engineer of TTPS.

He added that the suspended unit was scheduled to resume production in 10 days, once the overhauling is over. “The suspension will result in production shortfall of 210 mw. Each of the five units of TTPS has a capacity of producing 210 megawatt. Except the fifth unit, production is in full swing in other four units,” he said.

The pipeline of the suspended unit, which carries powder coal, would be examined during the schedule. Besides, a survey would be carried out to assess thickness of the boiler tube, which tends to bend following erosion. If thickness of the tube was less than the required standard parameter, particular portion of the tube would be replaced with a new one. Thickness of five mm should have to be maintained in the boiler tube, the Chief Engineer, said.

To fulfill licence-renewing requirements, the different methods of overhauling would be executed in the presence of Deputy Director of Boilers, Tiruchi, Mr. Valliappan said.

On performance of the fifth unit, he said the unit had a distinguished record of service after running 100 consecutive days for the 19th term since commissioning of the unit in 1992. Adding to its credit, he also highlighted that the same unit ran 232 days consecutively in 2004.

As for other units of TTPS, Mr. Valliappan said the first unit was taken up for overhauling for ten days in July and the second unit in August this year for a similar period. Besides, annual overhauling for the third unit and fourth unit is yet to be taken up, he added.

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