Inaugural meeting of the supervisory committee on Cauvery held

Tamil Nadu called for rectification of deficiencies in the Billigundulu gauging site, being maintained by the Central Water Commission, at the inaugural meeting of the supervisory committee on Cauvery in New Delhi on Saturday.

Chief Secretary Sheela Balakrishnan insisted at the meeting, chaired by S.K. Sarkar, Secretary, Union Ministry of Water Resources, that data on inter-State gauging sites at Billigundulu and Chavadiyur [which was once run by the Kerala government but it is no longer in use] should be monitored jointly by the basin States and the Central Water Commission. The data should be shared with Tamil Nadu on a daily basis.

The State, which demanded revival of the Chavadiyur gauging site, also wanted automation of the recording of water flow.

While reiterating Tamil Nadu’s demand for the immediate formation of the Cauvery Management Board and Cauvery Water Regulation Committee, Ms. Balakrishnan said the supervisory committee was a pro tem arrangement made by the Supreme Court for ensuring the implementation of the final order of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal and it should restrict itself to this task.

Arguing for immediate release of water to Tamil Nadu for the kuruvai season that began on Saturday, the Chief Secretary said that each State had to manage the demand for drinking water from its share allocated by the Tribunal.

Karnataka should be asked to draw water for drinking purpose within its allocated share.

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