Police to tie up with Coastal Security Group, Coast Guard, Navy

The district police, Tamil Nadu Commando Force and temple authorities have worked out a three-tier high-security arrangement for Sri Ramanathaswamy temple in the island of Rameswaram, roping in the Coastal Security Group, Indian Coast Guard and Naval detachment.

A commando force team conducted a security survey in the temple this week in the wake of the recent serial blasts in Bodh Gaya. It has been decided to enhance the existing security and make it fool proof to prevent any terror attack.

District Superintendent of Police N.M. Mylvahanan, held discussions with the commando force team and temple authorities.

He said that for the first time, the police would tie up with the Tamil Nadu Coastal Security Group, the Coast Guard and Naval detachment for patrolling and preventing intrusion from sea.

Intelligence reports

The decision to enhance security followed intelligence reports that the temple, famous for its long corridors and historic background could be a target for terrorists, Mr. Mylvahanan said.

Floodlights would light up the four car streets around the temple and watch towers with camera facilities erected at the four corners of the streets.

“We plan to ensure strict access control, introduce two check-posts, including Pamban, and focus on peripheral points,” he said, adding that a company of Tamil Nadu Special Police would be deployed exclusively for temple security.

Devotees would be barred from carrying cameras, mobile phones and handbags into the temple. The Temple’s Karunai Illam (home for orphan students) near the temple police station would be converted into a cloak room with lock facilities for devotees to leave their belongings before entering the temple . The students would be moved to a new building on the school premises. As many as 54 unauthorised lodges around the temple would be closed, Mr. Mylvahanan said. Other lodges functioning with permits would be brought under the scanner.

Temple authorities have been asked to provide two emergency exit points inside the temple. As many as 16 CCTV cameras have been installed inside the temple and there are plans to install 15 more, Mr. Mylvahanan said.