Devotees from various parts of the State throng Srivilliputtur

Thousands of devotees took part in the car festival of Sri Andal Temple here on Thursday.

Finance Minister O. Pannerselvam, Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments M.S.M. Andandan, and Minister for Information and Special Scheme Implementation K.T. Rajendra Balaji participated in the car-drawing, the highlight of the annual Adi-pooram festival.

The 12-day festival marks the Pooram star of Tamil month Adi, the birth star of the presiding deity, Goddess Andal. After special pujas, Goddess Andal, and Lord Rengamannar were brought to the car. Devotees from various parts of the State thronged the town and enthusiastically participated in drawing the colourfully decorated temple car. The car that started at 9.05 a.m. went around the four Car Streets, where the people of all ages waited to have darshan of the deity. Devotees turned up in large numbers as it was a local holiday. The cloudy morning also gave them some respite from the hot condition. Men and women welcomed the deity with chanting of ‘Govinda,’ and hymns from Nalayiram Divya Prabandam.

District Revenue Officer R. Raju, Fitman of the temple K. Ravichandran, Srivilliputtur MLA V. Ponnupandy, and temple Executive Officer A.C. Gurunathan were among those who took part in the event.