The new bus stand had not been spruced up since 1995 when it was constructed

The recent visit of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has brought in some benefits to Thanjavur residents, especially on the civic front.

One of the benefits is the improvements around the new bus stand area, particularly the ground between the new bus stand and the medical college compound wall where garbage was dumped and remained a health hazard.

All the garbage had been removed and the place was made the helipad for the Chief Minister to land on March 9. It was a Himalayan task but the municipality, the highways, and the Public Works departments did it quickly.

Residents of Thanjavur feel that the helipad area should be maintained clean and neat and put to use instead of allowing it without use. Lest the danger of the area becoming a dumping place again is lurking large.

The helipad has come up on 12 acres of land and nearly 3,000 tonnes of garbage dumped in the place has been removed. Now the place looks clean and neat with a compound wall around and an entrance gate on the northern side.

It could be utilised better now, people feel.

New bus stand has not been spruced up from the time it was established in 1995, when the eighth World Tamil Conference was held in Thanajvur.

The bus stand was given a facelift and toilet facilities improved in the bus stand. People feel that they should be maintained spic and span. A road was laid from new bus stand to the compound wall of the medical college.

The environs alongside the medical college wall have been improved.

Lighting has been improved in the area.

“All these should be maintained properly by the municipality for the public good,” people say.

District Collector K. Baskaran has asked for a proposal from the municipality for making better use of the helipad area. “It can be used for putting up exhibitions and other public utility programmes. Thilakar Thidal in the middle of the town is being used now for exhibitions and other purposes.

As the area (helipad) is 12 acres of land, it could be utilised for exhibitions and other purposes,” people say.

Residents want a ring bus service from old bus stand to medical college, from there to new bus stand via backside of medical college and from there to old bus stand. This will help people living in the new bus stand and medical college areas to reach old bus stand easily.