Petitioners want police to file case against MP for alleged land grabbing

An AIADMK MP and his wife on Tuesday agreed to provide access to the lands of two persons at Paruthipattu at Avadi near here where the former were running an educational institution.

Counsel for the MP, M. Thambidurai and his wife, T. Banumathi, made the submission when writ petitions seeking a direction to the police to register a case against them for alleged act of land grabbing came up before Justice K.K. Sasidharan of the Madras High Court.

The petitioners, Uma Prasad and P.G. Saleem, said they had purchased lands adjacent to the St. Peters Institute of Higher Education and Research, Paruthipattu in Tiruvallur district. The institution was promoted by the MP and managed by his wife. The petitioners alleged that the MP had been acquiring the surrounding lands for a meagre price “by using his muscle power, political clout and influence.” A majority of land owners were forced to part with their valuable lands for a song. However, the petitioners were not prepared to surrender their lands.

With a view to compelling the petitioners to sell their lands, Mr. Thambidurai and his wife purchased the nearby layout and annexed it to their property.

The surrounding water ponds, channels and bunds were levelled and there was no trace of roads and boundaries. A compound wall encircling the petitioners’ lands was constructed, denying them access. Access lands were grabbed by the MP and his wife.

The petitioners said they preferred a complaint with the police and the Chief Minister’s cell. The Avadi Inspector called them for an enquiry, “but suggested to settle the matter as otherwise, they were threatened that the matter would be closed treating it civil in nature.”

The petitioners sought a direction to police to register a case and investigate the matter.

When the matter came up before Mr. Justice Sasidharan, notice was taken.

As the two agreed to give access to the petitioners by executing necessary documents and to produce a plan and an affidavit before the court, the Judge posted the matter for August 12 for further orders.


Case against AIADMK MP ThambiduraiNovember 25, 2013

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