The teacher should not have gone to the extent of inflicting bleeding injuries, according to rights panel

Pinching a Standard VII student and causing injury on his cheek six years ago has cost a schoolteacher one thousand rupees.

Holding that the teacher had violated the victim’s rights, the Acting Chairperson of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), K. Baskaran, has recommended to the authorities to recover the sum from the teacher and pay the boy’s mother.

The complainant, A. Meharunnisa, said her son was studying in a school at Mylapore here. On March 2, 2007, the Hindi teacher pinched him, causing injuries on his cheek. The incident was reported to the school Headmaster. She alleged that her son was detained in the same class, whereas all other students were promoted. She wanted to admit him in some other institution, but the school delayed issuing the transfer certificate (TC). Because of this, he could not pursue his studies. A criminal complaint was filed against the teacher. The case was pending trial before the magistrate court at Saidapet here.

The teacher, T. Rama Gowri, denied pinching the boy’s cheek and causing bleeding injuries. Five students did not do their homework. She asked all of them to stand up for some time. She held the right ear of the student concerned, but he pushed her hand away. In that process, her hand slipped and caused some scratches.

The boy’s own nails also could have scratched his cheek. In the final examination, the student secured low marks in four subjects. Hence, he was detained. The student’s parents had blown the incident out of proportion.

The school Headmaster said that after an enquiry by the District Educational Officer, the teacher was transferred.

The Acting Chairperson said there was nothing on record even to remotely suggest that the school management deliberately victimised the student by detaining him.

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