Politicians need to be shown some sympathy. With their ‘misdeeds’ already haunting some and with anchor persons of TV channels taunting them, and with the Election Commission too hunting for them, to check violations, they are having sleepless nights. And it is now the turn of astrologers to make their life hell. In Tamil Nadu, not only the electoral contests are multi-cornered, but also are the astrological predictions, being tailor-made so as to suit one or the other combination. An astrologer, whose clients mostly belonged to the ruling party in the State, announced that a solar eclipse would occur on April 29 and since the DMK’s symbol was the ‘Rising Sun’, that party would perform miserably in the polls. The DPA astrologers, assured their party men, that a lunar eclipse would occur on April 15 and since the founder of the ruling party was M.G. Ramachandran whose name was under the moon’s influence, that party would face severe setback in the polls.

Not to be left behind, the NDA astrologers assured their party men that since both solar and lunar eclipses would occur during the poll process, the Dravidian parties would receive a drubbing and the NDA would emerge victorious.

Ironically, none of these eclipses are going to be visible in India, perhaps fearing the Election Commission’s model code of conduct.

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