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Updated: February 24, 2012 11:33 IST

Steep increase in bus fares, power tariff, milk prices

T. Ramakrishnan
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A boy delivers Aavin milk sachets in Chennai. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has announced revision of milk prices, bus fare and power tariff. File photo
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A boy delivers Aavin milk sachets in Chennai. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has announced revision of milk prices, bus fare and power tariff. File photo

Aimed at mopping up additional annual revenue of over Rs. 10,000 crore, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Thursday announced her government's nod for the hike in bus fares, power tariff and milk prices. She made the announcement after chairing an hour-long meeting of the Cabinet at Fort St. George.

In her address televised on a private channel, a transcript of which was later released to other media, she dwelt at length on the present financial health of the organisations concerned - Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO), a successor entity of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB); State Transport Corporations and the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation (‘Aavin'). “If these public sector undertakings, lying on death bed, are not given ‘oxygen' now, they will become totally dysfunctional,” she said.

Sources say that the increase in the power tariff is, on an average, expected to be Rs.1.50 per unit for different sections of consumers. The proposal, if approved by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission, will fetch Rs.8,000 crore a year. The previous power tariff hike was in August last year.

Referring to the State government's legal position on tariff determination, the Chief Minister said the government had no authority. The power utility would file a petition before the TNERC, which would hold public hearings before fixing the new tariff.

Ms. Jayalalithaa made it clear that agriculturists, weavers and those covered under the one-bulb scheme – hut dwellers – would continue to enjoy free power supply, for which the State government would provide subsidy to the TANGEDCO. Except for high-end consumers, other categories of domestic consumers would get government subsidy.

In respect of bus fares, the revision has been made after a gap of 10 years, the previous instance being in December 2001. The per km ticket price of ordinary mofussil buses would go up from 28 paise to 42 paise; express and semi-deluxe buses - 32 paise to 56 paise; super deluxe - 38 paise to 60 paise and ultra deluxe - 52 paise to 70 paise.

The minimum bus ticket price in urban areas other than Chennai would go up from Rs. 2 to Rs. 3 and the maximum would be Rs. 12 instead of Rs. 7. In Chennai too, the minimum fare would go up to Rs. 3 and the maximum would be Rs. 14 against Rs. 12.

State Transport Corporations, whose total losses for the current financial year are estimated to touch around Rs. 2,200 crore by the end of the current financial year, would get an additional revenue of around Rs. 2,100 crore in a year. Taking into account the prevailing factors, the Corporations are likely to achieve break-even. As on March 31 this year, their accumulated losses stood at Rs. 6,150 crore.

As regards the dairy sector, the price of toned milk per litre would be revised from Rs. 17.75 to Rs.24. The last increase was made in September 2009. The procurement price of milk paid to dairy farmers would go up from Rs.18 to Rs. 20 per litre for cow milk and from Rs. 26 to Rs. 28 for buffalo milk.

Even after the revision, the bus fares and the milk price would be lower than those in other southern States, Ms. Jayalalithaa pointed out.

The manner in which the announcement was made was itself a novelty as Ms Jayalalithaa used Jaya TV to announce her government's decisions around 3:30 p.m. Minutes later, the government released the text of her address to the media.

raise in price badly affect the general people. the private sector also doing the transport business they earn profit. but govt earn loss this is not speakable. all the political party spent the large amount to their election promises .but govt first concentrate the sick unit development, when the unit earn profit at that time they give free goat laptop etc ,

from:  rajeev
Posted on: Dec 5, 2011 at 16:48 IST

It is not a welcome news..... State Government can cut taxes on Diesel which are supplied to Transport corporations. So, diesel price for buses would come down... And a very important point is government should think to improve people utilising public transportation, which will help to reduce fuel consumption, which is a crying need for the future globally.... Due to this increase in fare, most people will turn to use two wheelers (which will increase fuel consumption). Why people in adminstration lack to think deeply....???????

from:  GPR
Posted on: Dec 3, 2011 at 16:59 IST

Election commission should ban any freebies at any time being promised/distributed to the voters. Electoral Promises should only be the common welfare schemes such as building of bridges, roads, dams, drainage facilities, well built roads etc.,All the freebies such as grinder, laptops etc., are provided as benefits to individuals for getting votes during next elections at the expense of the tax payers money. As a result, Tax payers & other common people are being overburdened with steep rise of the essential commodities.Freebies also makes the poeple more lazy & irresponsible. Is Election Commission listening?

from:  Govardhana Manikandan S
Posted on: Nov 26, 2011 at 10:10 IST

Cannot accept this kind of hikes which affect common (low income people) and sudden notice. This is not a right one by the govt. Govt should promise the life for people to survey. Instead this much hike (50%-90&), whatever the reason would be but they could have increased the rate like 10 % or 15%. Dont think that only common people are being affected by this even IT, and others also who all using buses. This 10% may be to milk. But Govt shoud have taken any other idea. that is what govt this is not the right one.

from:  Soundar
Posted on: Nov 24, 2011 at 13:34 IST

why cant they increase the hot drinks rate in tasmac (tripple frm current rate) adjust the revenue from their to other PSU units.

from:  Praveen
Posted on: Nov 22, 2011 at 16:14 IST

very wost government action in cm action

from:  raman
Posted on: Nov 21, 2011 at 20:24 IST

Dear PEOPLE OF TN .... yeah you people like you need this and more. its a gift to the people of Tamil Nadu by amma and aiadmk.... for electing her and trusting her.... good you all deserve this?!. whatever people may say DMK never gave such blow to common people and poor and not to mention their achievement. 2G loss and spectrum all such allegation etc will go on. who is not corrupt , don't we know what happen in Karnataka , air India, cwg, sharad power and many? NO ONE IS HOLY COW HERE. And about debt which country or ,organization is not in debt tell me from Europe to Ghana? is the electricity board and MTC transport department goal is to serve people or to make profit. tomorrow a government college or university and IIT OR IIM may say that they are in loss due to subsidy and would increase their fee as the oil companies say every time? you cant have yardstick of developed country for a country like our which stand at 135 in HDI.

from:  james peter
Posted on: Nov 20, 2011 at 22:02 IST

These hikes are affecting only the poor and middle class people. Increasing bus fares wont bother wealthy who is gonna use car. If daily 50 rupees to be given to gov by each person going to work what a family of three will have i one person earns a wage of 200 per day. and milk had already named not suitable for these 2 days
Why cant you increase wealth tax , road tax,property tax.. that wont affect poors atleast directly..

from:  Priya
Posted on: Nov 20, 2011 at 11:02 IST

We do agree there wasn’t a price hike in the bus fare for nearly 10 years. But a sudden hike in the bus fare won’t be the perfect remedy for the entire problem. It would have been better if the price increase had been gradual over the years. Increase in the transportation cost will result in a spiraling effect over the essential needs. However already they have increased in the Milk Price which will intern reflect in all other milk products, starting from butter milk to an ordinary Rikshawala’s thirst to cheese spread for an IT professional’s breakfast. However there is not going to be a greater about of impact for the upper class, where they never mind in the price hike. This will result in revolution and the government should have thought about it thousand times before doing this cruel decision.

from:  Gobiraman
Posted on: Nov 20, 2011 at 10:20 IST

While the government states that it does not have other option but to pass on the burden on the common man to rescue the bleeding MTC, TNEB and Aavin. In view of the fact that the hike will impact everyone including those under the BPL, why should not the government consider the scrapping of the schemes like free fan/grinder/mixie, which it has promised to provide, and thus divert the funds allocated for these freebies to the ailing MTC/TNEB and Aavin. In so doing, the people may not feel the burden so heavy.

from:  Jayaraman V S
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 21:35 IST

The poor and middle class family only affected by Price hike on bus fare
and milk products.The high class family they look on management,they
don't think on other peoples who affected by price hike. CM planned to
give free products and more importance to police, she planned to open
less price common shop for police, they already got good salary.All they
said corruption in previous government.

from:  ovk
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 19:13 IST

Its really a disappointing......... I was paying Rs.55 from Coimbatore to Salem in a normal bus route!! but now!!!! want to pay Rs.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nearly 80% hike!!!!!!!!!!! Cant bare!!!! Hike in price must be there! but... not this much!!!!!!!!!!!!

from:  Selva
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 17:48 IST

Right decission to increase the price but will the departments improve its quality of service and operation effeciency.

from:  RMS
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 17:25 IST

This fare rise for Bus will come as a boon for KSRTC(KA). Now i expect they will run quality bus services inside Tamilnadu.

from:  dineshpkm
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 16:12 IST

Guys now go and get your Mixes laptops cycles etc that will be given by
the Govt since you are already paying for it in the revised rates now

from:  Srivasthan
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 15:24 IST

it is good in dmk period is over loss of money and electrical powerso in the period amout is increase it is correct one

from:  sundar
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 14:30 IST

Price rise is welcome but it should have been gradually increased so that the poor who can earn only for their daily bread would not have been affected. It will be great if people now wake up and say no to all the freebies in the next assembly election and ask for what Tamil nadu actually needs in the current situation like infrastructure, Quality of education,finding ways for the investment by industries which paves way for employment etc. Mainly we need a corruption free government.I also wish if government could reduce the prices after meeting the break even in the mere future. Each and Everyone have to be blamed for that is happening now. Dont blame others first think about yourself. Are you perfect in all things you do???

from:  Vishnu Priya
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 13:37 IST

Come on, people - where do you think the money for all the free things that they gave came from ? YOU. So either say no to the free things or don't nag for the price raise.

from:  Shankar
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 11:46 IST

It is highly unfair raising bus fares immediately to nearly 2 times like this. This is the burden to the common man and Village people for his everyday livelihood. Economists believe any price increase more then 7% impacts the inflation. Many of the European countries believes this concept and have strict regulation in all price increase from toilet paper to the realities. If Govt body itself is reacting like this in India, it raises big worry for me.

from:  Nirmal
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 10:39 IST

The buses in Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu have heaps of trash inside that are never removed; the plastic seats are broken; the cloth-covered cushions are dirty and tattered; the windowpanes are stained and carry stickers; the never-used seat belts hang loose with a lot of dust clinging to them. We now pay more to survey the dismal scene.

from:  C. G. Rishikesh
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 05:49 IST

Thank God she did not deregulate and leave it Milk federation to fix
the price. Look what UPA has done in case of Petrol. It is
government's way of saying we are not here to share your burden. Just
think of petrol hike in the past 2 years ! We have no choice but to

People run after freebies. They fail to understand basic economics.
How about removing history/geography and introduce economics as a
mandatory subject from high school. People would know funding for
these lollipop schemes goes from voter's pocket only. At least next
time around people would stop wagging their tongues when such
announcements are made.

from:  Ganesh
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011 at 00:16 IST

Avoide to much rising in bus tranport price. Totaly suffring poor people.

from:  S.Rajesh
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 23:21 IST

Let the Chief Minister increase the Milk, diesel everything but the
revenue earned not be passed to her favourite freebees schemes and at
the same time the proportionate share in the increased cost of Milk
be passed on to the Milk producers who are toiling day and night to
get some extra bucks. And let the Chief Minister reduce her spending
on her paraperlania.

from:  M Mohandoss
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 23:04 IST

I think the people who are supporting JJ's steep increase must be working in IT & earning in lakhs. Think about the middle class family who budget everything, their travel, milk and electricity tariff will be doubled and going to be a big burden on them. And why you are moaning that the previous government didn't increse the tariff? Even with the same tariff the private (which are far better than government busses in maintenance) making a good profit. It's all down to the management. Why can't our CM (many thinks she is avery good administrator) fix that?

from:  Murugan
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 23:03 IST

The present Government Promised many free things to people, have finally shown its true colour by increasing all user charges very steeply.Ms. Jeyalalitha always travels in special plane incurring huge espenses to state government. The steep rise in bus fare is like hitting the poor below the belt. The people of Tamilnadu will teach her good lesson when parliment election comes. Politicians are always expoiting the poor. Congragulations to Marxist for supporting ms.Jeyalalitha.

Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 22:44 IST

The govt had no brain..the increasing of EB,milk and bus rates are shocking of middle class peoples...30 rupees ticket is 50rupees it is too much of shock...

from:  kala .R
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 22:30 IST

Every essentials of life price is been increasing day by day by central or state or private... life is going miserable for normal people who work hard to live basic life one fine day the poor working people will commit suicide if the condition of the price going upward…

from:  mani
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 22:06 IST

As long as there is freebees (even to the undeserving category), the working class will be forced to pay indirectly for those hand-outs. Not raising Bus fares for 10 years was atrocious. From one of the best run transport corporations, the status in TN is getting worse. See Karnatka Transport corporations! They are among the best in Asia. Good Buses and excellent services, including free touch screen Internet in Airport shuttles. The government should stop appeasing voters with freebees and improve the services for the whole. Hope to see it in our life time!

from:  Shiva
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 21:38 IST

It is a gift for the people who voted for JAYA.

from:  R.Balaji
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 21:30 IST

Let goverment stop providing free stuffs to all rather providing to needy, come back and say we are in loss , atleast we could accept such price hike.

from:  ram
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 21:24 IST

Both jaya or karuna will not think about increasing the job vacancy for people or increasing govt industry's or what is the reasonable rates for all things.quality services.
They will think how to hike the rates,how to blame opposite party,how to get bribe,how to escape from previous cases,how to waste people money by built there govt memories building,statue,parks, or for useless mla's x,y,z securities.

from:  Prem
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 20:02 IST

It's not a reasonable hike,More middle and lower class people only using bus,This hike will affect middle and lower class people not upper middle class and high class, MLA's and CM are using free vehicles thats why they didn't know how the hike will affect the people,i am not against the hike but its huge hike,now Tamilnadu govt bus rates are high compared to Andra pradesh and Karnataka.

this is very good lesson to peoples who expected free tv,laptop,rice and mixer grinder,these is time to think how govt is giving free items(another name bribe).

keep support the free items(bribe) and suffer all other things rates hike
(real moral ex,one daily worker salary 150Rs,he need to travel from medavakam to perrambur for work location=50Rs bus ticket per day,what about milk,current bill and other expenses)

from:  Prem
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 19:42 IST

all ppl going to shift to two wheelers , thus increasing traffic woes..price hike is a complete disaster for poor and middle class

from:  karthi
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 18:30 IST

Why the people should get angry for this price Hike. I don't think this is non reasonable. All the people vote to AIADMK for "Mixer Grider" , "Wet Grinder", "LapTop", "Ceiling Fan", "10 Acer of land for all the formers", 2 Cow for the Ladies from the villages". Think it how the government can achieve the things without increse the prices? You vote the the "Grider and Laptop",
If you want this means you should pay something in the way of Price hikes. As per mine by this simple hikes gov. not able to give all the things. They needs to hike all the prices even slippers also. Then only we Can enjoy laptop.

from:  rajesh Dharmakkan
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 17:20 IST

we are paying Rs.34 per litre in Gujarat. Still TN is lowest.

from:  kumaran
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 16:52 IST

if i am paying some 50 rupees for my travel, i should get a bus which is maintained kerala, the prizes are never hiked like this. there should be a proper planning,right!i wonder where do the taxes go!why cant the government reduce those freebie schemes and spent those crores of money to maintain well the public systems!its too horrible to travel in an MTC bus during peak hours.many ladies are facing a lot of problems in those buses, which they normally wont say aloud.i think some LADIES ONLY buses should be introduced. some of the guys arent lineant and are using these crowdness like anything. isnt there any women right protector or a journalist seeing all these agonies suffering by thw women?give me LADIES ONLY bus, i will happily pay you the new fare.

from:  vineetha
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 16:40 IST

Politicians in Tamilnadu should think sensibly and bring some commonsense in Governance. Instead of throwing freebees TV, Mixer Grinder and so on, the Government should try to keep the prices of essentials as low as possible. Money spent on the freebees can be used to subsidize essentials Food, Education, Electricity & Travel for everyone. Possessing consumer durables alone are not going to increase the living standards of a common man. Politicians should shed their populist agendas and think practically and people should vote for good governance than to get carried away by freebees.
What is the point in having a TV, Grinder & Washing Machine in one's home when he/she can't afford milk & electricity. What is the point the Government trying to make by these free stuff when so many people like in appalling conditions in so many slums. To witness this the cabinet need no go beyond, they can just look around St. George Fort. Improve living conditions of the citizens first.

from:  Hemnath
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 16:40 IST

People who write here are all affluent people who don't care about these price rises and are afford to pay good money on internet, PCs etc. See the plight of lower middle class, these price rises are unwarranted and blatant, arrogance towards people who voted her to power. There are lot of other areas for improvement. Does any questions here wasting time and money of Secretariat building now left in the lurch after swallowed crores of public money ?, Arrogance and going ahead and printing text books which were have to be later withdrawn due to court ruling ? And now plans to destroy Anna Centenary Library ?. IF she stops spending time to take vengence out of previous rulers, would save lots. The writers in these columns do not have spine to highlight these mis-deeds of present govt. Already there public mood is against the government. Shame people have to tolerate this draconian rule for next 4+ years.

from:  Marudhu
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 16:33 IST

The hike is steep and unjustified and will lead to inflation. This is nothing but taxing the middle class to feed the vote bank. it may not directly affect the poor but the indirect effect will surely tell on them. Comparing with other states isnt right. Then we will have to compare all other parameters too. This kind of convenience might help Goebbelsism but Jaya will face the heat at the Parliament elections.

from:  Ravi
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 16:28 IST

This hike is too bad for all middle level people. For this type of govt buses this is too high to spend. We can go by individual car of two wheelers by comfortably.

from:  Ramesh
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 15:53 IST

Dear Chief Minister,: I daily travel in vdapalani - mylapore buses. The busses are so horrible, seats torn, loose seats, if you are increasing the price first of all you should inform your transport minister to check at the depots of the mtc buses condition.For old bus also you are putting deluxe and increasing the money.This is not at all fair chief minister. At least if you are providing new buses then ok. otherwise it is not fair. Most of the time this route bus having tech problem,breakdown especially.

from:  Anand
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 15:52 IST

I would be happy if the farmers and poor people working in EB and bus transports benefit from these hikes. Its not going to happen. After all all the scumbags going to fill more. And the state going to remain the same in future. Next year also, you will be hearing that these departments had severe losses and hence there will be more hike in prices. Nothing is going to change other than cost of living.

from:  Shyam
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 15:46 IST

i think this is too high for people to take may be increase of 2 rupees per ticket will be resonable,i live in chennai the minimum ticket is 12 in ultra deleux bus for traveling 6 km for this price two wheeler is resonable and comfortable.

from:  hari
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 15:18 IST

Today i paid 17 rs more, almost double. Please privatize MTC, atleast we ll get good service.

from:  prak k
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 15:13 IST

With the present increase in the milk price, the Aavin's price has been brought almost on par with private vendors' milk. But still people prefer Avin. If the Government streamlines the production and distribution of Aavin, the Aavin can rule the roost! There is still black marketing of Aavin and many unscrupulous vendors sell Aavin over and above the MRP printed on it. If only Aavin could increase the production and flood the market, it can vanquish the private dairies who are exploiting the shortage of Aavin. Likewise, the MTC buses need a revamp and new buses should be introduced. The Government can have a look at the Bangalore buses and improve! As regards increase in power tariff, the Government should seriously look into theft of power and leakage in transmission, so that they need not increase the power tariff now and then.

from:  R.M.Murthy
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 15:10 IST

hi i accept this hike in BUS the same time the Government should improve the quality of bus services, and to do the need ful to the people of TN.

from:  logesh
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:56 IST

Centre cannot contain inflation/ foreign exchange and cannot prevent drain in FDI inflows due to its sagging image. State govts are taking such drastic measures putting the blame on centre. all these days, we have been hearing slogan like 'makkal virodha arasu' . Now we understand its meaning.

Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:44 IST

This price hike is much needed for TN. This would certainly help in improving the State Finances which is currently in real bad shape. Compared to our Neighbouring states & Maharashtra the Milk prices & Bus ticket rates are much cheaper in TN even after the increase. Overall this is a welcome news.

from:  Guruprasad R M
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:35 IST

I accept all the above mentioned reasons for price hike... but will it bring down the inflation level...?

from:  umapathi
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:33 IST

A shallow look at the price look will surely result in blaming the government , But we cant end up paying rs 3 forever . there should be an hike. But wait , Bus fares are doubled[nearly] ? . Now buses which was previously running with white boards are now called express ?. And express as ultra deluxe ? A 75% to 100 % increase is way too high . Say i travel from Avadi to Tambaram using the 600 Rs pass , which is now 1000 . A first class ticket in EMU train costs 700Rs [taking the longest route i.e via beach] . Someone who is wiser is surely gonna choose the later . Increasing the price of Milk , i've nothing against it . Can govt be a little more clear on the debt details etc ?.

from:  Prabhakaran
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:22 IST

I strongly condemn this steep price increase. They say that the cost of public transport in other states is high compared to TN. I have been to Bangalore and Mumbai many times and I must say that Chennai's infrastructure is worst compared to that of Bangalore and Mumbai. The infrastructure must be improved for the cost levied. IT people getting unimaginable salaries have got diminished over the years. The companies don't hike the salaries regularly for increase in price of essential commodities. It is tough for people working in field to digest the price increase. Everything boils down to one point i.e. corruption. If the state is corruption free then we can take care of ourselves without depending on them. Can some political party or stake holders promise this?

from:  satt
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:05 IST

nothing comes free !!! , now TN people can understand . don't line up for free item .

from:  SRD
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 14:02 IST

During DMK power also there was a hike in bus fare in the name of Deluxe,Super Deluxe, M Services..Our cm will blame even Obama for her problems..there is no surprise in dragging the Central Govt!

from:  P.Jayakumar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 13:33 IST

If Mr. Karunanithi increased the busfare, milk and EB bill gradually when he was in power, now the axe will not be fallen heavily on the heads of people. Ms. Jayalalitha too should not make this steep increase on the shoulders of common people. She has decided to make the hike. But it is not just to put the blame on the Central Government. She made the announcement of giving (priceless) the free mixie, fan and grinder to the people on her own but not under the financial assistance by the Central Government.It is wrong to put the blame on the Central Government for the current steep hike.

from:  M.Annamalai
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 13:03 IST

Definitely this Govt. has no brains. It gives 20kgs of rice every month,cattles,lap-tops free.. then definitely with Aavin,MTC,SETC,TNEB soon TAMIL NADU GOVT. will run bankrupt..

from:  P.Jayakumar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 13:03 IST

I welcome this hike in price of Aawin milk, Bus Fares & Electricity bills. People consider that government has no brains, but what our honorable CM has done is really a good thing to give life to the dead corporations such as Aavin, MTC , SETC & TNEB. People has to pay their tax, so that government will reduce the hike. Try to understand what is happening around you, dont blame the Govt.

from:  Sanjay.K
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 12:50 IST

The profits earned by the public sector corporations which are in death-bed are swallowed by corruption bandicoots. Government have no dare to ask them; because they will threaten the rulers by the name of 'Govt Employee-Vote'. So, they just add the oil in the vessel which is already burning. Can the CM or ministers or Govt Employees travel by Bus? They simply sitting in the AC car and conducting meeting in the well basking environment. They don't have time to think about common-man.

from:  Baranidaran
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 12:44 IST

Firms running in loses are fair enough a reason to turn the burden on a common man. But the hike should have been gradual and not steep like today.I'm a person who travels by MTC everyday and it comes as a shock that the ticket fares have just almost doubled. If the hike is unavoidable, it could have been implemented tactically rather than being harsh.I definitely think the steep prices should be re-considered by the goverment.

from:  Dhivya
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 12:35 IST

Other than tamilnadu, karnataka,kerala and andhra government increased bus fare before itself. Tamilnadu state transport is down due to no increse in ticket rate. Now it will be ok. But new buses have to be introduced to accept this hike in price. everyday i spend 15 rs for bus from now onwards i would spend 32 rs, sad but happy if we get new good looking condition buses from this govenment. :).

from:  Muthu
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 12:29 IST

I was the first to comment,expressing my anguish.I do not know as to why that has not been posted

from:  Ramamoorthi
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 12:30 IST

When a Party very-well knows the State's economy is in shambles why do they fight the elections and come to power. Is the aim to destroy the State's economy? As per your argument if the State's economy is in shambles where do you have the money to convert ACL to Children Multi- specality Hospital, to change the New Secretariat....AIADMK has time and money to fight DMK's regime and nothing else for people of Tamilnadu!!!

from:  P.Jayakumar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 12:15 IST

If the same is done By Mr.Karunanidhi every body will critise his action but what evr jaya lalitha does it will be mentioned as timely action. this is fate of tamil nadu

from:  venkatachalam
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:56 IST

I would like to know what novelty is there in the announcement other than cm had made an announcement in her own channel(its an open secret) to boost her TVs' TRP ratings. It also proves her fear to meet the other section of Media to answer their reasonable questions.

from:  P.Jayakumar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:48 IST

The hike would have been appreciated if Ms. Jayalalitha , increased the hike gradually instead of a steep hike. I hope she will reverse and make room for discussion and revision. It looks like her ( Economic Advisers) are spoiling her name , by suggesting a steep hike in price of Milk and Transort.

from:  Krishnan
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:43 IST

When the AIADMK government, under the leadership Dr.Jayalalithaa, took over the governance of Tamilnadu, the economy of the state was in shambles. Many public sector undertakings, such as State Transport corporations, Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Aavin,etc. were facing mounting loses due mainly to delay in revision of electricity tariff, bus fares, electricity tariff, bus fare and milk prices. The previous regime had deliberately avoided hike in the above cases fearing public out-lash and and consequent echo in the Assembly elections. While the price of every item has gone up steeply in recent years, no attempt was made to balance the impact on the bus fares, milk prices and electricity tariffs. All these three organizations come under public utility services and therefore it is the duty of the government to avoid shifting of cost escalation on the public. Yet there is a limit beyond which the government cannot absorb the escalation by way of subsidy. As the cost of production of milk and electricity has gone up severely the capacity of the government to absorb the cost escalation exceeded the limit. But the previous DMK regime took no steps to neutralise the impact of rising costs for narrow political considerations. Due to frequent increase in diesel prices by the central government and because of the hike in the prices of spares and accessories, the operational cost of the transport services soared severely.Therefore, bus fares should have to be raised reasonably. Despite such a scenario of intensifying crisis, the new government, under the leadership of Dr.Jayalalithaa, tried its best to avoid the unpleasant decision to hike rates of above the said public utility services, viz. transport, milk and electricity. One argument is, had the government not been caught up in the distribution of so many free-bees, it would have been possible to keep down the rate of hikes to a certain extent. But, as the Chief Minister has rightly acknowledged, after many decades of economic development a large section of the population is left out of access to many modern consumer products. Moreover, she has rightly stressed that it is the responsibility of the government see that the poor people also have access to these items, viz. laptop, mixi, grinder, fan, induction stove, etc. Only then it is possible to narrow the gap bet been the haves and have nots. Therefore, it is unreasonable to persist with criticism of free-bees. Moreover, as the Chief Minister has rightly observed, the Central government has not responded to the request of the state government for additional funds to implement the welfare schemes. Therefore, in order to prevent the bankruptcy of the electricity board and transport corporations, she has proposed hike in bus fares and electricity charges. Nevertheless, the Chief Minister has promised to initiate steps to put public sector enterprises back to normalcy on a self sustainable basis. She has also indicated that there wouldn't be further hike in the immediate feature. As far as milk prices are concerned, the procurement prices happen to be very remunerative to the milk produces. In order to sustain milk production, the hike in price is inevitable. Therefore, the public have to bear with the hikes.

from:  Dr.C.Murukadas
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:38 IST

Free electrical power to agriculturarists must be strictly monitored. The govt may give free power to deserving poor landholders but not to everybody who owns some piece of farm land. The average electrical power i.e. units needed to raise one crop of paddy and another of any cash crop (groundnu, pulses, etc)in a year must be calculated and permitted through a electrical meter installed at every villagers pumpshed.

from:  chandrasekar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:38 IST

Wholeheartedly agree with Srivatsan regd SETC. It's high time, the TN Govt started Volvo services. Those who travel from Bangalore boarding at the Shanti Nagar station know what I'm talking about. The KSRTC maintains deluxe Volvo/Benz buses while our SETC 'bullock carts' don't even compare to their Corona/Rajahamsa services. They are losing revenue/reputation every time someone traveling to the state uses another state's transport to do so rather that the state-owned!

from:  Ravi Shanker
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:34 IST

These are exteremely necessary given the state of the above mentioned sectors. Expecially the SETC needs attention and the services needs to be geared up right from the quality of the buses. It would be great if SETC introduces Volvo services. It can even contemplate on adopting the model of KSRTC in managing the overall TNSTC. This shows the timely action and the administration capabilities of our beloved CM Selvi.J.Jayalalitha. Congrats Ma'am. Expecting a lot of further improvement plans in developing the infrastructure of Tamil Nadu.

from:  Srivatsan
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:24 IST

Gift by Amma to all TN Votres 'for double success on State and Local bodyelection'. Latest decision are now pending at Court. Already BLR court verdict awaited soon. Media is not covering all this only if there is wide coverage then price rise will be limited (price rise is for freebies which every one know)Common man will get benefited.

from:  Naataraj
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:17 IST

I daily travel in MTC busses. I never see a place even to stand in the bus. If that's the case why she raising the price? Is she indirectly saying all are traveling without tickets? Where those money went? Politician attitude always to blame others for hike.

from:  Prakash k
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 11:13 IST

What Ms. Jayalalithaa has done now must be welcomed by all right thinking citizens who want to see improvement in the state's finance that has been deliberately ruined in the past.Those who oppose these inevitable hikes due to their extra financial burden must not fail to understand that if the drift is allowed to continue unchecked by the present government, for fears of unpopularity, the government will have to either wind up or privatise these potentially bankrupt enterprises - measures that will lead to massive downsizing and retrenchment and rendering these services still more out of bounds to the common man.Coinciding with these hikes, the AIDMK government should ruthlessly launch an austerity drive in government expenditures with zero tolerance to corruption, nepotism and inefficiency in any of the government offices.If still people have to direct their ire for this unhappy situation, they should direct it against the UPA II for its partisan approach to states like TN.

from:  Shekar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 10:17 IST

As she got full support from all levels of people after her party. with out any alliance. secured brute majority in local body elections. she should cut down some of free schemes; this would save some, so that this steep hike would have been averted. As all critical factors are touched, cascading price rise of essential commodities would be mind boggling; Instead of blaming previous government and step motherly attitude of central govt, she should roll back the worst ever price hike at the earliest.

from:  Sathya
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 09:09 IST

It is good that Ms Jayalalitha has at last realized that populism card does not pay in the long term. We in Maharashtra are paying much higher prices for both power and milk. Of course, one does not know whether our prices are more than the reasonable prices. In case of milk prices (we pay as much as Rs. 40/- for a liter of buffalo milk), it is well known that the cartel of politically controlled milk co-operatives in our State is in a happy position to ensure a price increase at regular intervals. But one thing is clear: prices which are unrelated to cost of the commodity cannot be sustained and are not in any one's interest.

from:  Narendra M Apte
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 08:52 IST

With the deficit financial position due to mismanagement of the previous regime as well as the dumbness of the Centre on demand of Tamil Nadu, the CM has no other option. One can not understand the logic of strange economics being played and exercised by the so called middle class people in India. The so called Middle class are ready to pay 1. Coke and Pepsi at Rs 40/- per liter 2. Premium mineral water at Rs 15/- per liter. 3. Petrol at Rs 70/- per liter. 4. Refined oil at Rs 80/- per liter. But they raise hue and cry about buying milk at Rs 22/- per liter.If a farmer has to raise a cow, how much he has to spend? 1. Cost of the Cow (Calculate interest on the investment) 2. Rent (to keep the cow in a place) 3. Cost of cattle feeds. 4. Maintenance charges (Salary, security, Medical expenses and Water charges) By selling it around Rs 15 to Rs 17 per liter, how many lakhs a farmer could earn in a month? On one side, people in the IT sector is getting unimaginable income. Other side, the farmers are not getting any returns for their produce. What a injustice meted out to the farmers who are sweating in the hot sun? For the rich and intellect, please allow the farmers to get proper remuneration for their produce. Only then they can pay decent salary to their farm laborers. Otherwise you may not have anything to eat within few years. If water can be sold for Rs 15/- per liter, then atleast the milk should be priced at Rs 40/- per liter.

from:  P.S.Pasupathy
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 08:49 IST

this hike is long due. Putting the state owned corporation is jeopardy for votes is not at all justifiable.

from:  viswanathan
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 08:19 IST

I paid Rs 13 for a bus ticket today morning that normally costs Rs 4. The lowest fare is now Rs 7 (i.e. from one stop to another). The highest is 20. An A.C. bus ride for 10 km will now cost Rs 50 (hiked from Rs 30). The cost of monthly bus pass has increased from Rs 600 to Rs 1000. However, the roads are still bad. Now I am pretty sure the public would prefer share autos (i.e. if they do not increase the fare). Dear Chief Minister, if you really want to 'infuse' life into the ailing Government institutions, why don't you ask your MLAs and MPs to chip in with 0.1% of their true yearly income.?

from:  Divya
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 08:13 IST

we accept Bus Fare Hike but the buses are worth for new bus fare atleast old bus fare ?, if they do good maintenance then we should accept this hike.

from:  vijay
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:55 IST

Government should also consider steps to improve efficiency and cut down waste. In the fifties and early sixties private bus owners such as TVS in Madurai and ABT in Coimbatore operated bus services with profit. Ever since state government decided to run bus services, the government incurred heavy losses. The state run buses are not properly maintained. May be it is time to sell some of the bus routes to private sector and prevent further losses.

from:  Vijay
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:53 IST

nothing comes free !!! , now TN people can understand . don't line up for free item .

from:  Lanin
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:53 IST

Don't you know how much steep increase of Diesel Price and other consumables of Transport Sector? It is not the way to express the news. This is the 1st fare revision made by the government for the past ten years.

from:  TAMIL
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:46 IST

it would be of some satisfaction to the people if the government could give figures of additional huge incomes or profits in direct,indirect taxes,by the sales of liquor,by the expected changes in the guideline values of lands and so many other avenues of collecting the money from citizens.

from:  doodu
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:42 IST

The telecast in the Private Channel was very informative,justifying the increases,with fact and figures.Timing was a bit off the mark,in so far as the electorates were concerned.We wish all these data were supplied in the run up to the last election in the various meetings- road side,open grounds,with an advise,"we cannot solve your problems,neither the present rulers,Hence cast cast your votes as'none of the above'",would have been a very honest attempt.The telecast was very entertaining.

from:  Kandasamy Koomarasamy
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:17 IST

These price hike heavily attack the middle class person and poor people.because,they plan the budget for every month from monthly income.if govt need to increase the price,they will raise the price lightly.In bus fare,the price hike is now double rate..why did they raise price in milk,which heavily used by poor people? they may be increase the price in some other ways.

from:  Meenakshi Sundaram
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:13 IST

First,MLAs forgo their perks and travel in ordinary buses/trains. forgo their 10 percent salary.Reception expenses for VIP ahould stop. Freebies should given to needly people.No Decorative lights in marriages and shops and VIP reception.Minimum power to be used if necessary.

from:  venkatachalam
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 07:08 IST

Though inevitable, will hit hard middle class people and non-pensioners!

from:  V.Aiyah
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 06:34 IST

Let there be a strict moratorium of milk abhishekams in temples and for film star banners at least until the price situation eases. One only needs to compare the price indices, ratio of increase in food prices, the ratio of food expenses to family per capita income of the rural, urban and metro BPL and middle income families to conclude that there has to be strict implementation of minimum wages and salaries in the state - in private, public and domestic sector for poor people to meet this increase. The revision actually means that the poor, the pensioner and children of middle income families have to survive on poor nutrition each day due to eroded purchasing power. An artificial but unaffordably high priced glut of milk supply is sure to result in the immediate future. The 'excess' supplies resulting from reduced intake by the poor will get diverted to luxury food processing and export industry which would make a kill - on the health of children of the state.

from:  rniyengar
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 05:41 IST

I don't know if there's a strong reason to justify the steep increase in milk prices. However I do think the increase in bus fares is reasonable. Govt. should ideally have a mechanism to revise bus fares once every 2 years or so. Not raising bus fares for a decade is preposterous and doesn't help in the fiscal planning of the State. Also one hopes that apart from increasing the power tariffs, the Govt. does something worthwhile to improve the dreadful power situation in the state.

from:  Kunal
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 04:25 IST

Why need to give freebes and increase the price no body have guts to say no to freebies and raise voice when they increase the price. People think JJ will give those from her packet. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

from:  sudhan
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 04:18 IST

Is using one's own television channel to make government related address legally correct? Giving priority to a channel owned by the CM gives them unfair advantage to Jaya TV over other television channels. Is this even allowed?

from:  Ashwini Iyer
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 01:11 IST

It was to come sooner than later. Otherwise how else will she be able keep her poll promises. Giving gifts to the electorates by collecting money from them, and the gullible voters brought her to power.

from:  Ahmed
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 00:02 IST

People of Tamil Nadu please awake, now this is payback time for you all after receiving free sops like Laptop, gold, mixers, T.V blah blah in the last assembly election

from:  Mohamed Asif
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 23:53 IST

It is cruel. There will be some roll back after some time and total outcry by the opposition as well as the public. But, Jaya will not relent much. She spew venom when the Petrol prices were raised by Rs 2 per lit. (which is since taken back by the oil companies). Now, she increases milk price by an unimaginable Rs 7 per lit. ie., by 40%, mofussil bus fares by a whopping 50 - 75%. We may expect Electricity to cost another 30 - 50% higher. It is true that the economy is in bad condition. It would have been better if the price increases had been gradual over the years. Now there will be a spiraling increase in costs of every thing else - from food items, vegetables, auto/taxi fares etc. The government staff may get additional DA but what happens to private sector emplyees, unorganised sector workers, daily labourers, people with large families, retired and elderly people? What is the idea of providing free grinder / mixie and increasing electricity fare?

from:  R. Jagannathan
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 23:15 IST

A Welcome move, a sensible move under the circumstances. Its very important to raise the Bus fares and Electricity fares so that the govt entities stop making losses and pay up the private producers of electricity. Due to the loss making a lot of investment in power generation has been driven away towards gujarat and karnataka. I hope the TNEB receives the much needed breather from this, though its not a big change...

from:  Prashanth Goutham
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 23:04 IST

Don't put too much burden on common people overnight,instead of that why can't you stop freebies?

from:  Venkatesh
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 22:59 IST

Don't give anything free!! instead give the needy at subsidized price. That way the money saved can be used for other things and perhaps no need to increase the bus fare or milk. These days the public transportation in the city is being used by the very low income people, right? Why increase the fare? keep it the same? Cut the "Free" programs. Free program is a "constitutionalized" vote buyer. Instead of cash the voters are paid in kind. What is the difference? If the current regime wants to beat the previous one -- make the city bus ride free for all as we are good at giving away things ... if we can give laptops, mixer and grinder .. why? even giving away sanitary napkins free ... can we not make the city bus ride free in all major TN cities?

from:  Saruvindan
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 22:42 IST

May be the TN CM had the right to increase the prices, but blaming thecentral Government for step motherly treatment is unbelievable.

from:  A . Sheik Mohamed
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 22:34 IST

hmm... interesting. Increasing tariff's on necessities but the same time giving away "free" stuff? Where in the world such things can happen? The govt might come up later and say, "people cannot ride the bus so, let's start a free scootie for all program". And then increase the petrol prices. Can our politicians stop giving away "free" stuff FIRST? Free should come only when we have enough to spare or if we have had figured out additional revenue stream for the govt. Has anyone been longing for a new laptops to high school kids? How about a free tea and a "vadai" to the needy? Sounds like this govt is just no different at all than the previous one! A govt should focus on helping to improve the potential of its citizens' life ... not handouts!! Giving away free stuff encourages laziness. Can our politicians grow up?

from:  Balu
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 22:33 IST

Nothing wrong in raising the price of milk and also in the transport sector. For Agricultural pumpsets the previous method charging horse power may be applied. Free is to be stopped in every sector, which makes the people lazy. The most important one is the 100 days work should be called off.

from:  V.Ravichandran
Posted on: Nov 17, 2011 at 22:15 IST
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