Figure based on water realisation in December

Tamil Nadu is to seek the release of 18 thousand million cubic feet (tmc ft) of Cauvery at a meeting of the Monitoring Committee slated for Thursday.

The figure of 18 tmc ft has been worked out, after taking into account the realisation of water by the State in December.

Early last month, the State moved the Supreme Court, demanding that a shortfall of 30 tmc ft be released by Karnataka. So far, 12 tmc ft has been received by Tamil Nadu.

The Monitoring Committee is holding its meeting as per the direction of the Supreme Court, which heard the case on Friday last.

The court, in its order, asked the committee to adjudicate on the question of shortfall in the release of water by Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, apart from making appropriate orders regarding the requirement of water for the standing crops in the two States.

The order mentioned that all the States concerned had told the court that they had no objection to the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal’s final decision being notified without prejudice to their rights and contentions in the pending appeals.

Since the beginning of water year in June, Tamil Nadu has realised 65 tmc ft, which is 49 tmc ft less than its quota under a distress-sharing formula of the Central Water Commission.

As per the 1991 interim order, the State should have received 195 tmc ft.

Sources say that apart from demanding the release of the remaining quantity of its share of water, the State would like the Centre to have the final order notified at the earliest.

The Supreme Court will hold the next hearing on the Cauvery issue on February 4.