While H1N1 infections are on the rise in neighbouring Karnataka, Tamil Nadu seems to have been spared the assault of what is popularly known as ‘Swine Flu.’ In the State, there have been only a total of 138 cases of H1N1 as of Thursday. Of these, about 111 have been treated in the private sector. As per statistics, 38 cases are from Christian Medical College, Vellore, 15 from Sri Ramachandra University and Medical Centre, Porur, 11 in Apollo Hospitals and 11 from other hospitals in Chennai.

A total of 23 are from the private sector in Coimbatore, while Coimbatore Medical College has treated 10 cases, the other cases dispersed randomly across the State.

“There are a number of fever cases this season. While dengue is an issue, H1N1 is not a problem this year for Tamil Nadu,” Health Secretary J.Radhakrishnan said. However, since the neighbouring State is affected, adequate stock of Tamiflu have been sent to all government hospitals.

The H1N1 flu virus caused a world-wide pandemic in 2009. It is now a human seasonal flu virus that also circulates in pigs, according to the World Health Organisation. The WHO website also says, “The world is now in the post-pandemic period. While the level of concern is now greatly diminished, vigilance on the part of national health authorities remains important.”

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