The vast spread of hyacinth at the meeting point of Bhavani and Cauvery rivers is growing by the day, much to the consternation of the Public Works Department and Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation.

Since removing the overgrowth of the weeds has been an onerous task, the Bhavani Sagar Division of the PWD that has control over the Bhavani river, and the Mettur Division that maintains the Cauvery river have sent proposals to the State Government for funds to remove the obstruction in the rivers.

The Tangedco that carries out periodic removal of the hyacinth has sent a separate proposal to clear the rivers of the weeds as they slow down the velocity of water when it reaches its barrage nearby and get caught in the turbines.

Last year, the State Government adopted the approach of combining bio-ozolyte treatment process and bioremediation to clear the Ooty Lake of the weeds. Also, the Government announced a Rs. 50- crore package to clean the lake in the State.

According to officials, initiatives taken in the past to remove hyacinth in rivers and canals with floating water have, however, not succeeded. Projects carried out by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University indicate that biological treatment of hyacinth for its removal is possible only in stagnant water.

Official sources said the hyacinth need not be a matter of concern at this juncture since water flow into the Cauvery from Mettur had been stopped. As the surface dried up, the weeds would automatically wither in a matter of 10 to 15 days.