Erumapalayam Bypass a death trap for pedestrians and vehicle users

As many as 15 pedestrian fatalities have taken place in three months on Erumapalayam Bypass on the Salem-Ulundurpet National Highway 79, making it the ‘death trap’ stretch of the city.


City police have already installed speed breakers on both the sides of the approach road to the National Highway and also a flicker light in the centre of the road.

But the problem continues to persist, due to the movement of huge number of two-wheelers and pedestrians who cross the road to reach their destinations on either side of the road.

About 7,000 people reside on the other side of the national highway and the absence of an overbridge forces them to walk across the road, at great risk of being hit by speeding vehicles.

The situation worsens during the morning and evening hours as students and workers in large numbers cross the road, thus putting their safety in peril.

Residents said that for senior citizens and children, crossing the road is a nightmare, as vehicles keep moving on the busy road.

They added that the vehicles on the national highway fail to notice the flicker light and it serves no purpose in the area.

Local people also said that during night hours, the area is quite dark due to non-functioning of the street lights installed.

Though policepersons are posted for duty during these hours, controlling of speeding vehicles is a daunting task.

With increasing fatalities in the area, residents have resorted to road blockade many a time, in order to bring the situation to the notice of the authorities, but the moves have failed to provide any solutions.

They demanded that a bridge be constructed to avoid further loss of lives.

“Though the issue was taken up with authorities concerned, no action has been taken so far,” they added.