Out of the 44 ‘elite students’ who were given special coaching at the Sethu Lakshmi Bai Government Higher Secondary School in Nagercoil, six students secured above 1,150 marks out of 1,200 marks in the Plus Two examinations, the results of which were announced on May 9. The students, who had scored 450 marks and above in the SSLC examinations, were selected to be part of the ‘elite group’ and provided special coaching by best teachers from various government schools in Kanyakumari district.

Special coaching was given to 44 students admitted from various parts of the district. They were provided with hostel facilities and classes were taken from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. in a separate block on the school campus. “Giving specialised coaching to the selected students and preparing them to score high marks and obtain seats in professional courses, was the objective behind the introduction of elite group,” said the Headmistress of the school, S. Reeda Milred Glody, while talking to The Hindu on Sunday. Out of the 44 students, over 30 were from various government schools and the remaining from aided and matriculation schools, she said.

Six students had secured high cut-off marks for medicine and more than 10 secured cut-off marks that would earn them engineering seats. Moreover, seven students had secured centum in Mathematics and two in Physics, Ms.Glody added.

The co-ordinator, E. Easwara Moorthy, said this coaching has come as a boon to the underprivileged students and they have proved that they were second to none in securing good marks.

In the meantime, the Chief Educational Officer, A.S. Radhakrishnan, has sought explanation from 15 teachers including three heads of different educational institutions in the district regarding the poor performance of the students in their respective schools.