A three-day operation to translocate six wild elephants, which were straying into human habitations and damaging crops, came to a close with the forest department shifting the pachyderms to Top Slip and Mudumalai in Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts, officials said on Friday.

While one male and two baby elephants were taken to Top Slip, about 100 km from Coimbatore, after tranquilising them during the operation at Thiruvannamalai, two males and a 20-year-old female were taken and lodged at Bambax in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) area, sources said.

The tusker was put in a wooden enclosure at Vargliya in Top Slip and the two baby elephants will be in the elephant camp, along with other 18 elephants, including six tamed elephants.

All the three were in good condition and after giving them training for nearly two months, they would be taken along with other camp elephants, officials said.

MTR Director Raghuram Singh told reporters that three elephants shifted there — a 20 year-old female, and two males, aged 13 and three respectively, were in good health.

The elephants had strayed into human habitations in Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu, and damaged crops.