In order to find a permanent solution to the frequent damage to the Palani-Dindigul Ghat Road caused by landslips during the rainy season, the Department of Highways has chalked out a Rs.40 lakh proposal.

The Divisional Engineer (Highways), P. Jayaraj, told The Hindu on Monday that the plan envisaged filling and concrete lining of the ghat road. The strengthening work, he said, would take about 90 days during which time movement of vehicles would be banned in the section of the ghat road near Savarikadu, which was damaged on November 3.

Temporary repair works were done and the road was thrown open for traffic on November 7. It again suffered damage on November 11, following which it was closed for traffic.

Since temporary measures would not hold in view of incessant rainfall in Kodaikanal Hills, the Department of Highways has decided to provide a permanent solution to the problem.

At present, through buses are not operated from Palani to Kodaikanal.

Heavy vehicles reach Palani from Kodaikanal through Batlagundu.

Space for two-wheelers

However, space has been provided for two-wheelers to pass through the stretch.

Since no village was located near the breached section, temporary stoppage of traffic would not affect much, police said. But buses are being operated from Palani and Kodaikanal to points closer to the breached section.