Tamil Nadu, which has faced several natural disasters, including the 2004 tsunami, is to have a Rs. 1,481-crore ‘Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction Project’ this year, with financial assistance from the World Bank.

Warning systems

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa told the Assembly that the project, which will take five years to be completed, would include 121 coastal protection centres and 439 warning systems and other facilities.

It will be monitored through the Tamil Nadu Disaster Management Authority. Besides takings steps to mitigate the gravity of natural disasters, it will conduct awareness programmes for people in the coastal areas.

Under the project, electric lines in Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts, frequently subjected to nature’s fury, would be laid underground. The Chief Minister said that as part of her plans to bifurcate taluks that had a population of over four lakh, 25 new taluks would be created in urban areas.

A committee constituted for studying creation of taluks had recommended bifurcation of 51 taluks in the first phase.

The government will spend Rs. 16.74 crore for construction of buildings for six taluks.