A total of 217.43 km roads damaged in the ‘Thane' cyclone in Tiruvallur district are to be repaired at a cost of Rs.18 crore, according to the Collector Ashish Chatterjee.

In a press release, he said that the funds released by the State government towards temporary repair works would be utilised for repairing 179.31 km of carriageways maintained by the Highways Department, 26.65 km of roads maintained by Panchayat Unions, 3.265 km in Municipal areas and 5.20 km in town panchayat areas.

While a sum of Rs.15 crore would be released to Highways Department for executing 178 road repair works, Rs.1.20 crore would be allotted to Panchayat Unions for carrying out 17 works, Rs.80 lakh to Municipalities for taking up 9 road repair works and Rs.1 crore for town panchayats for 10 repair works, the release said.