Overflowing Harichandra continues to flow into human settlements

Ettukudi witnessed a hectic evacuation, even as the overflowing Harichandra river continued to wash into the human settlements — blurring geographical contours of over six villages — here in Nagapattinam on Monday.

Five villages — Vallam, Orangudi, Sornakudi, Sathyamangalam, Melai Theru and Keezha Theru — were submerged and over 1,523 evacuated by the Fire and Rescue Services.

A paralytic old woman was abandoned to her infirmity in the midst of the deluge — by her own family. And, hours after the entire evacuation, the District Revenue Officer V.Rajendran, who got wind of the old woman's abandonment, called upon the rescue team to secure her to safety. Five camps and five feeding centres for the displaced was the immediate administrative intervention.