Wind mill owners in the State have appealed to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation to reduce the power cut for High Tension industries to 20 per cent from the existing 30 per cent. This will increase the demand for power and help evacuate the wing energy generated.

Chairman of the Indian Wind Power Association K. Kasthoorirangaian told The Hindu on Monday that winds started in the State from April 28 and its velocity was good during the last four days. The State had over 5,800 MW installed capacity of wind energy and the mills had the potential to generate about 1,500 MW during day time and nearly 2,000 MW in the evening.

However, wind mills in the major wind farm hubs in the State were disconnected from the grid for three to 36 hours during the last four days. “The energy generation capacity of the wind mills is going waste,” he said. The mills were not connected to the grid because of grid drop (lack of demand for power). However, the corporation was purchasing power from the market at Rs. 6 to Rs. 10 a unit. It should relax the consumption restriction for industries and increase the industrial consumption. This would help evacuate the energy generated by wind mills. The wind mills should be exempted from load shedding and should not be stopped, he said.

Mr. Kasthoorirangaian also said that though individual wind mills might face variation in generation, winds were almost uniform and there was no drop in wind velocity that could affect energy generation.

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